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Unique modules

Attendance module

Shifts may be defined in the module (start, end, allowances, overtime, lunch breaks etc.). From the created shifts schedules can be compiled and be assigned to employees. If the start and end of the employee’s working day is the same as defined in the shift, there is no need to enter data of the daily working time. Otherwise the daily movements need to be recorded. At the end of the month the module calculates the worked hours, allocated shifts, overtime bonuses and transmits them to the Wages module.

External work module

Benefits given for posting, external work may be recorded in the basic program too. If the benefit is not beyond the daily limit, the program will automatically break it down into taxable and tax-free parts in accordance with the current legal rules. If a large number of benefits beyond the daily tax-free limit are given to employees, it is practical to use this module. After recording the necessary information, the program will calculate the taxable and tax-free parts and will transmits them to the Wages module.

Subsidy module

Some companies were founded to recruit employees with altered working abilities. Formerly they received State Subsidy, in the form of contribution from the state, since 2007 they have received Wage Subsidy, and this module helps to calculate the rate of it and to require it.

Workwear module

With the help of this module after creating your own work uniform dictionary, you may assign measures, peaces, wearing period etc. to the employees. According to the entered data an order list can be made for the new employees and also for the expiring workwear. In case of leaving employees the residual value of the unreturned workwear is deducted from the employee.

Employment Contract module

Our goal with this module was to make the preparation of employment contracts easier. Our clients now use it for (circle) correspondence as well. With the help of the module, standard forms can be pre-compiled on a Word-similar editing interface. The templates made and stored this way are suitable for prepare assignment contracts, letters to employees etc. from them. 

Chief Account with Case Number module

The basic program includes breaking the wage costs into cost centres, but more and more production companies want to transmit the wage data not only into cost centres, but also into case numbers. With the help of this module the already accounted wages can be divided according to the ratio of worked time or percentages. This module needs to be used in cases when the employee changes cost centers during the month.

Envelopes and Labels module

As its name indicates, the module helps prepare envelopes and etiquette labels for employees and offices. This module creates the dispatch notes needed for the registered letters which accepted by the post.

Cafeteria module

The module gives multiple options to record optional fringe benefits in the system and to assign them to the employees. Naturally, the module monitors any excess of the budget and gets feedback about the actually paid benefits and handle items if they are different from the forecast.

Pass module

In the module public transport passes may be assigned to the employees. The data, entered in accordance with the company’s account method, appear in the Wages module as deduction or earning. Special order lists may be made for the new employees, and if an employee leaves, they may be taken back. 

Holiday module

The module supports also the planning of the annual leaves by only the relevant manager. The module gives regular feedback on the actual number of the personnel staff, and based on this data entry the actual daily attendance may be monitored. At the end of the month the module transmits the data to the Wages module.

Time Income Important module

The module allows importing time incomes. Companies that have a time income records and dispatches system with electronic access may import data from „csv” files. With this solution users can define the data fields without the developer. With the help of this module the transmission of employees’ time incomes to the BaBér program is fast and error-free.