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The BaBér payroll software was developed by Soft Consulting Hungary Plc., which was founded in 1998 with 100% Hungarian ownership. The company operated as a Ltd. from its establishment to 2009, when it became a Plc. The main goal of establishing the company was to provide wage management services. Our 25 permanent employees and our contributors intended to create a user-friendly payroll system. 

Currently we have 800 clients and 400 other users using our software through our network of agents. Our clients include different companies and enterprises, employing between a few people to even 13000. They are involved in various business fields, e.g. production, accounting, banks etc. We can proudly say our company has been able to increase its income and has been profitable every year since its establishment.

Using their ten-year-long experience gained in wage management, the founders of the company developed BaBér in order to create a complex wage accounting system with user friendly functions. The BaBér payroll software meets today’s requirements and is a Windows-based program. During the development process the main objective was to create a program within a system and on a platform which can guarantee that it will not be technologically amortized for a long time. The BaBér payroll software, which is up-to-date also in terms of the current laws, can meet the expectations of the Hungarian market.

BaBér was developed with Borland Delphi 7 program language with MS SQL7 and MS SQL2005 (ExPress) databases, which means that users do not have to buy any expensive licence to operate the program. Thanks to its up-to-date and qualified employees, Soft Consulting is one of the leading payroll software developing companies in Hungary. Our continuously growing programming and customer service team aim to make our customers satisfied and appreciate our efforts all over Hungary. Our sales team gives free presentations to meet the demands of prospective clients.

All our customer service employees are well-prepared, aware of the current regulations and available to assist our customers. Moreover, Soft Consulting offers personalised customer support. Driven by the experience gained in many years we do our best to reach perfection and high efficiency in company management and market trends. We intend to preserve our outstanding position on the Hungarian market by paying attention to customers’ needs and by using experience and business ethics successfully along with our employees’ knowledge.

Mihály Csécsei

CEO and Founder