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Basic courses

After installing BaBér, the training may begin immediately – to find about the conditions and prices, please contact our sales representative. The training period depends on the company’s size, the number of modules, users and their ability. The basic course is at least 1 day and in case of more than one modules it may last 4-5 days. Most of our customers opt for our collagues to be involved in the first real payroll process.

We offer 100 % guarantee for the basic course!

What does it mean? If you believe that the training has not provided the required information, you are do not need to pay the training fee. For more details, please, visit the Double Guarantee menu. 

Advanced courses

In addition to basic courses, we offer trainings also in small and big groups. Small group training is available monthly and any of our clients can participate. Generally the  topic is always the interpretation of any new regulation and its use in BaBér program.

Once or twice a year we organize big group trainings where well-known speakers interpret regulations of the next seasons.

If you wish to be notified about the topics and dates of the next trainings, please contact us!

Phone: +36 (1) 273 38 38