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Wages module

The Wages module registers hundreds of entered data about one employee. It provides a wide range of options to set the required employment relationship, income type etc. or list within the opportunities provided by the law. The module is suitable for payroll employees’ basic salary, regular and non-regular fringe benefits in any type of employment. Each wage items and deduction titles in the program are free to set and extend.

The module supports
  • monthly, hourly and efficiency based wage forms
  • in case of absence, absence payment
  • accounting records of those people who have a START card (it stimulates employers with allowances to employ e.g. young career starters) and who choose EKHO (a simplified way of taxation)
  • the deduction of personal income tax-advance with the help of several methods
  • non-basic earnings, which can be configured almost unlimitedly
  • the order of deductions in accordance with laws
  • payments for work carried out in addition to full time employment
  • attendance records
  • voluntary pension, health, mutual institution deduction and company contribution
  • pension- and health insurance deductions
  • payments during the month. They may be handled also daily
  • the list of wage payments in more than one forms, as a concealed wage list or on paper
  • wage summary, which contains all the data (time, earning, deductions, contributions) summarised on some levels that can be used to check our work. The list has a function that can search for mistakes, which helps to find accountancy shortcomings.
  • wage cards, which contain not only all employees' identifying data, but every record of the accountancy as well
  • bank transfers to any bank
  • data supply about new employees, also in a file (07T1041)
  • supply of other data (0708, 0758, 07085) leaving employees' data sheets and lists
  • auxiliary lists of voluntary institutions
  • information on a pay rise
  • data supply on personal income tax and tax return
  • those persons' contribution lists who are not employees (e.g. owners, members)
  • trial balanceon paper or in a file for approx. 40 GL programs