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We have been developing payroll softwares for over two decades. In recent years, we have been continually expanding our portfolio, so in addition to our leading product, BaBér payroll software and the related activities like unique development and trainings, we provide attendance management, cafeteria, HR services, and following our merger with Branko Kft. in 2008, we also offer accounting and payroll outsourcing solutions.

Leading role in payroll software development

Building on our decades of payroll experience, we began developing the BaBér software in 1998 to create a system that provides easy-to-use functions for payroll accounting and related activities. 

Thanks to our qualified employees, we are one of the leading payroll software developing companies in Hungary. Our clients are different by size, location and field of activity. The smallest company has only a few employees, the largest one employs 16,000 people from producer company to accountancy offices.

Nationwide customer base

Our continuously growing programming and customer service team aim to make our customers satisfied and appreciate our efforts all over Hungary. Our sales team gives free presentations to meet the demands of prospective clients. All our customer service employees are well-prepared, aware of the current regulations and available to assist our customers. Moreover, we offer personalised customer support.

Driven by the experience gained in many years we do our best to reach perfection and high efficiency in company management and market trends. We intend to preserve our outstanding position on the Hungarian market by paying attention to customers’ needs and by using experience and business ethics successfully along with our employees’ knowledge.

Kálmán Faur 
CEO / Owner