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Refresh your financial solutions!

We have broadened our portfolio with a self service e-Cafeteria program in order to make it easier and simpler for you and your colleagues to achieve the system of fringe benefits. To use the online program, you only need a web browser and internet connection – if you already have got them, then program is immediately available without any installation.

The portal meets high-level professional requirements, because we follow the changes of regulations and update the application daily. Besides, easy usage and professionalism, the high-level security settings of our central servers are also remarkable and provide privacy protection.

As we mentioned above, during the development our main goal was to create a user-friendly and easy-to-use application, as intorduced briefly below:
  1. The user – i. e., the employee who declares the chosen cafeteria elements – receives the account information via e-mail
  2. After login the user arrives at his own cafeteria site.
  3. Then selects the items he wants.
  4. Fills with the amounts from within the scope of the cafeteria (the program ensures that the data are filled in according to the cafeteria regulations). 
  5. Then closes, prints, signs and returns his statement

Technical specifications
  • Recommended browser: Firefox, Chrome
  • Clean, simple user interface
  • Multi-level authorization system
  • Roles can be customized according to individual needs
  • Access via encrypted channel (SSL)
  • 99.9 % availability
  • Daily back-up
  • Can be installed to internal network (Intranet)
  • Import from Excel is available
  • Customer support by e-mail, phone, Skype 
  • Application development on-demand

Get a taste from our cafeteria service, and contact our colleagues who will verify your company free of any charge and obligation, and give you a free software demonstration!

Phone: +36 (1) 273 38 38

Cafeteria consultation free of charge

An efficient cafeteria system allows you to optimize the wages: the tax and public implications are as low as possible and the salaries are as high as possible. But how can you make efficient the system of fringe benefits? Try our cafeteria consultation service free of charge!

The cafeteria consultant:
  • considers the potentials,
  • screens the previous financial solutions,
  • helps introduce the cafeteria system based on the government-supported financial solutions and 
  • makes an optimal selection list which delivers tax advantages for both the company and the employees
This service does not generate extra cost for you! Our consultant’s fee is a single commission from the amount saved by optimizing the cafeteria system.