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BaBér for Small Business

The BaBér for Small Business package is specifically developed to assist payroll in small businesses. The system contains all the payroll features required in accordance with the law – in particular the statements and reporting obligations. The program is reliable, its quality is ensured by the development team and the decades of experience of the company. 

The system has a simple and clear menu structure, and is free of the menus which are created for satisfying the needs of large enterprises. Its usage is easy and efficient, and although it is widely configurable, it can be used immediately with the default settings. If your business grows, BaBér can still handle its data.

Main features of the software
  • usable on both network and stand-alone computers,
  • usable in a multi-company environment, so it is suitable also for smaller audit firms,
  • works fast and its hardware requirements are small,
  • registering of the most important labour data,
  • configurable according to user’s needs, yet you will not be among the settings, because after installation, you can work on it with the default settings
  • making easier the administration because data entry is automatic. E. g., by using the tax identification number, the program fills in the date of birth, by using the zip code it recognizes the city etc.,
  • preparing the monthly and quarterly (.. 08, .. 58) statements and the labour documents (T1041),
  • several opportunities to save and restore employees’ data. Automatic backups (daily, weekly, monthly) may also be set up,
  • Lists prepared in several forms (.xls, .doc, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, rich text etc.) in addition to the custom form. Lists may also be made for matrix printers.

For detailed information about BaBér for Small Business, please contact us!

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