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Double Guarantee

1-year 100 % money back guarantee

If we promise something in our written offer which cannot be implemented in BaBér, we shall develope that function free of charge, or we shall repay the full purchase price, and restore the initial situation by removing the program from your computer.

100 % training guarantee

We have seen that some of our customers try to optimize the costs of purchasing the software by buying a higher category program, but save the training costs. This is not useful, because if you have a good program, but you cannot use it, it is not an effective tool. Some of our customers try to use the call centre for learning which, unfortunately, is not an option, since the customer support is efficient when users have some knowledge, yet it is impossible to learn the program in this way.

Therefore we have decided that if you believe that the training did not provide you the required knowledge or information, you will not be obliged to pay the training fee.