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Labour Affairs module

The Labour Affairs module helps manage labour affairs, as it contains a large number of data. Some of the used images are shared with the Wages module. Labour affairs officers are allowed to record and look at all labour affairs and wages data of the employees. Hundreds of data may be recorded besides wages data. We tried to build in the system every category that can be necessary for work:
  • qualifications
  • other skills
  • courses
  • language knowledge
  • state of health (medical tests)
  • photo
  • curriculum vitae
In the module the user is allowed to record an unlimited number of grouping view criteria and employees can be classified accordingly. The module contains all the data that are needed to calculate the eligibel support a company can apply for if it employs disabled persons. The Labour Affairs module can calculate employees’ holidays and extra holidays as well. The calculated holidays can be printed on several kinds of lists, e.g. on holiday report or on up-to-date detailed list.
Several types of vouchers can be created with the Labour Affairs module, in relation to recruitment, leaving and other information of employees:
  • work contract
  • ad-hoc contract
  • payslip
  • statements on the following: cost allowance, tax allowance, family allowance, single status, paternal extra holidays, extra holidays given because of children, new membership in a private pension institution
The program generates all the reports that are required by the Central Statistics Office:
  • monthy labour reports
  • May statistics