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System Operation: Software as a Service

Thanks to this service the systems developed by us are available without a complex IT background. It is not necessary to build software and hardware enviroment for running these systems, and you do not have to provide IT support. Thus, the costly IT investments may be avoided and the costs of maintenance and human resources do not charge the company, while the desired functionalities are available immediately.

Available softwares under the SaaS service

The content of the SaaS service

  • the operation of the BaBér payroll software on a highly available HW environment
  • providing back-up system in case of error
  • availability time in more than 98 %
  • daily data back-up
  • installing the latest versions


If you are interested in the SaaS service, please contact our collagues on the following addresses:

Phone: +36 (1) 273-3838