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HR Solutions

Placement of staff

Our company offers various solutions for small, medium and large companies to find and select the best new employees throughout the country. Through our highly experienced, motivated HR consultants, we undertake the full recruitment and selection process, regardless of industry or position.

Through the outsourced workforce search our clients can also fill positions with high expectations, and in a short time, they can hire many people, keep their searches confidential. Our national consultancy network continuously and massively recruits, personally interviews, increasing the chances of a successful recruitment and reducing placement time.

Placement of temporary staff

We have the widest range of experience in recruitment, selection, payroll and employee administration.

When leasing staff, our clients can:
  • increase their capacity without expanding their own staff,
  • they can accurately plan the costs during periodic fluctuations in production; and
  • they are relieved of labor administration burdens.
The service also includes an audit to assess the HR processes of our clients to identify where cost reduction is possible. For example, through the development of our archival processes and tools, we can manage the records of our clients' entire workforce at high quality and at low cost.


If you are interested in our HR solutions, please contact our collagues on the following addresses:

Phone: +36 (1) 273-3838