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Cafeteria solutions

In order to provide a complex service to our customers, we have broadened our activities with a full cafeteria service which creates a more effective system of fringe benefits. We review the allowances and the available financial resources free of charge. With good planning, despite a further deduction of the current budget, employee satisfaction can increase.

Cafeteria consultation free of charge

Thanks to our services, the administrative tasks can be significantly reduced and fiscal problems can be easily resolved as our IT system developed for several years, provides a full service to employees and employers. While implementing the new system we shall help you in corporate communication to suit each organization units.

In short, our qualified collague:
  • assess the opportunities,
  • reviewing its previous wage solutions,
  • helps to implement the cafeteria system professionally, based on state-supported financial solutions.
If required, we undertake to keep the register of cafeteria system during the year, so we provide the following services:
  • informing new employees about the cafeteria allowances they are entitled to;
  • accounting with the leaving employees and derecognition them from the system;
  • transmitting break and change requests;
  • charging the SZEP and cafeteria cards from online interface;
  • preparing reference lists for financial transfers;
  • providing customer support.

e-Cafeteria application

The self service e-Cafeteria program makes easier and simplier for you and your colleagues to achieve the system of fringe benefits. To use the online program, you only need a web browser and internet connection – if you already have got them, then the program is immediately available without any installation. The portal meets high-level professional requirements, because we follow the changes of regulations and update the application daily. Besides, easy usage and professionalism, the high-level security settings of our central servers are also remarkable and provide privacy protection.

As we mentioned above, during the development our main goal was to create a user-friendly and easy-to-use application, as intorduced briefly below:
  1. The user – i. e., the employee who declares the chosen cafeteria elements – receives the account information via e-mail.
  2. After login the user arrives at his own cafeteria site.
  3. Then selects the items he wants.
  4. Fills with the amounts from within the scope of the cafeteria (the program ensures that the data are filled in according to the cafeteria regulations). 
  5. Then closes, prints, signs and returns his statement.

Technical features

  • Recommended browser: Firefox, Chrome
  • Multi-level authorization system
  • Roles can be customized according to individual needs
  • Access via encrypted channel (SSL)
  • 99.9 % availability
  • Daily back-up
  • Can be installed to internal network (Intranet)
  • Import company and employee data from Excel is available
  • Summarize and export data from Cafeteria statements (Excel) e.g. toward payroll, toward voucher issuers.
  • Customer support by e-mail, phone, Skype 
  • Application development on-demand


If you are interested in our cafeteria solutions, please contact our collagues on the following addresses:

Phone: +36 (1) 273-3838