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Throughout our trainings, we aim to pass on the knowledge and professional experience we have acquired over a long period of time to our clients and anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of payroll and employment law. We have designed our educational palette so that everyone can find the right one, from beginner to advanced.

BaBér Basics

After installing BaBér, the training may begin immediately. The training period depends on the company’s size, the number of modules, users and their ability. The basic course is at least 1 day and in case of more than one modules it may last 4-5 days. Most of our customers opt for our collagues to be involved in the first real payroll process.

It is also possible for our clients to participate in our continuous basic training, where they can learn the operation of each module (Wages, Sick Pay, Reporter, etc.) through practice. 

We offer 100 % guarantee for the basic course! What does it mean? If you believe that the training has not provided the required information, you are do not need to pay the training fee. For more details, please visit the Double Guarantee menu. 

BaBér Seminars

We conduct small group trainings few times a year, which we strongly recommend to BaBér users. During the training, our payroll experts will guide you through the legal interpretation of a specific topic and its resolution in the BaBér program. We also organize BaBér Extra Seminars, where highly qualified professionals help you master the laws that are constantly changing.


Once a year, usually before Christmas, we hold a large-scale conference, where well-known speakers interpret next year's legislation. We welcome not only our clients, but also those who want to find a way out from the labyrinth of ever-changing legislation. We strive to provide the widest possible insight into changes in taxes, social security, contributions, labor laws, and fringe benefits, all on a prestigious location with a premium catering.

HR conferences

Once a year, together with our media partner, we also look at the more exciting areas of HR. We have already covered the topic of retention and motivation (Beyond Wages: Going or Staying?), focused on changing attitudes (The HR Revolution: Changing Attitudes) and digital HR (The Freedom of Digital HR), and most recently, we dedicated a day to mentoring women at workplace and women's empowerment (Women and Mentoring). Join us next time!


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