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The partners of Soft Consulting Hungary Plc. are companies of different size and profile, and in the hope of mutual business success, we treat the collaboration in a very flexible way and adapt to their interests. Partnership can be executed in several ways and our partners decide which is the most attractive and acceptable to them.

View detailed information about the BaBér payroll software!

Become a member of our reseller network!

The reseller partnership is recommended to those who want to expand their portfolio with complex payroll solutions in order to enhance their satisfaction of their customers. To make easier the use of the BaBér payroll software, it is integrated with more than 60 chief account systems.

As a reseller, you are responsible only for offering the BaBér payroll software. The process of sale is our responsibility, i. e., you can broaden the scope of your solutions with minimum time and energy investment and you can enjoy the financial benefits of the profitable bonus system (30-50 %). As a partner, you have the opportunity to integrate your software with the BaBér payroll software in order to provide more complex services.

In close collaboration we offer your non-payroll management software and services to our customers, so together we can deliver a greater value to our customers. 

To make reselling more efficient, our colleagues give professional assistance to you in:
  • providing marketing materials
  • organizing advertising campaigns
  • informing customers interested in the program

Recommend us to your partners!

The referral partnership is actual for our customers who are satisfied with our service and willingly offer the BaBér payroll system to their partners. 

The most effective marketing tool is always the customer satisfaction, so we have created referral partnership for rewarding our clients’ trust in us, as our client base expands as a result of their referrals. If you are satisfied with our services and the BaBér payroll software, please, recommend them to your partners – everybody wins! For each successful sale, you will be entitled for 15 % commission and the new client referred by you get 15 % discount from the price.

Train your students with the BaBér!

Educational partnership is for educational institutions who wish to use the program for educational purposes on their payroll trainings. 

During the collaboration Soft Consulting provides the following:
  • Make the educational version of BaBér available free of charge.
  • Customer support by phone as fast and efficient help in case of issues occuring during use or interpreting regulations.
  • If the educational institute requests, we can provide a professional trainer of the program. 
During the collaboration the educational institute can take the following advantages:
  • By using BaBér you can provide management trainings which meet today’s requirements on a higher level.
  • Due to the quick and easy use of the software, the training process is more fluent and makes it easier to acquire the teaching materials. 
  • Our partnership allows the students to get to know and use a widespread system.
  • The system is in use at nearly 1,000 companies and payrolls for 100,000 people, so its knowledge increases the students’ opportunities and competitiveness on the labour market
With the benefits of using BaBér listed above, you will be able to enhance the quality of your service and your students’ satisfaction and earn recognition in the field of education.


If you would like to be our partner, please contact us!

Phone: +36 (1) 273 38 38