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Cafeteria consultation

In order to provide a complex service to our customers, we have broadened our activities with a full cafeteria service which creates a more effective system of fringe benefits. We review the allowances and the available financial resources free of charge. With good planning, despite a further deduction of the current budget, employee satisfaction can increase.

Thanks to our services, the administrative tasks can be significantly reduced and fiscal problems can be easily resolved as our IT system developed for several years, provides a full service to employees and employers.

While implementing the new system we shall help you in corporate communication to suit each organization units.

The consultation process
  • We screen the structure of wages and the existing fringe benefits and propose an ideal budget framework.
  • We prepare/update the employers’ cafeteria rules in accordance with the current regulations. 
  • We prepare a demonstration suited to the company, and represent the system’s advantages, the optional elements and rules of the application to the employees.
  • The contents of the demonstration will be available for the employees in a written form, so they get study the operation of the system, the optional elements and the rules. With this information they can plan with their family members how to use the cafeteria budget they have.
  • 2-3 days after the demonstrations our colleagues help each employee choose and answer the questions related to it, then prepare their statement on the cafeteria budget.
  • We perform the entire administration in accordance with the employees’ choice with the software developed by us, including the establishment of a membership in health funds or pension funds.
  • We assist in selecting financial services (funds, card issuers, insurance companies etc.)
  • We prepare the necessary contracts between the employer and the service firms.
  • In case of card-based allowances, we order a SZÉP and cafeteria card and provide data needed for charging the card from an online interface.
  • If required, we order and hand out the allowances provided by vouchers.
  • We monitor the changes in regulations, propose necessary modifications and if required, provide professional consultation.
If required, we undertake to keep the register of cafeteria system during the year, so we provide the following services:
  • informing new employees about the cafeteria allowances they are entitled to;
  • accounting with the leaving employees and derecognition them from the system;
  • transmitting break and change requests;
  • charging the SZEP and cafeteria cards from online interface;
  • preparing reference lists for financial transfers;
  • providing customer support;
We hope that we can recommend effective solutions to your company. 

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